“Lion Order” Rohan Marley’s New Cannabis Line Creating a Buzz In America – Watch Interview

A new brand of cannabis products created by Rohan Marley the son of legendary musician Bob Marley is making its way in the cannabis industry following its launch in Michigan. According to Rohan Marley, building his own cannabis brand was partly driven by his experience as an entrepreneur and his love for cannabis.

After launching his latest cannabis products, Rohan Marley was interviewed by WSBT TV, where he spoke about his love for cannabis and the reason behind his Lion Order brand. “I have been wanted to do things my way, which is things I love you nuh, been a part of something more than just cannabis, been a part of a movement and that movement is Lion Order and just the philosophy of Rastafari and these things u nuh,” Rohan Marley explained.

As he continued the interview, the former college football player joked about his past when he had to hunt for his favourite cannabis strain back when he was in college by stating, “I remember tasting this one strain man, and I just never forget that when I taste the herb all the flavours you know, but I realize it was not all the herbs that was like that, this time I don’t know what is Sativa I don’t what is Indica you know, am just going and loving the herb so am like wow I want this herb.”

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Rohan Marley said he continued his search for that particular strain for his ‘whole life’, which ultimately inspired him to create his own cannabis strains. Currently, Lion Order products are only available at select Michigan dispensaries. However, as of August, the company plans to start selling accessories online.

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See the full interview below:

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