These Are Bob Marley’s Kids

Bob Marley was fruitful and he surely multiplied during his lifetime, now he has a good number of children to carry on from where he left off. It has been rumoured that he has more than the accepted biological and adopted children.

Bob Marley has 11 kids, “7 boys and 4 girls” outlined by one of his sons recently when asked about how many children the Gang has. Some sources claim that the Reggae legend has 12-14 children with 9-10 mothers, however, these additional kids are not acknowledged by the family.

He got married to Rita Anderson in February 1966 and they had 4 children during the marriage. Rita’s daughter Sharon was born in 1964 and Bob adopted her after they got married.

Bob Marley had revealed at one time that children are wonderful and that it doesn’t take much to produce children, you only need to have a nice girl who is not taking contraception and sexual intercourse is a lovely thing. He had 8 other children with 8 mothers.

Bob Marley’s children who were acknowledged by the family

1. Sharon Marley Prendergast, was a long-time member of the Melody Makers, along with her siblings, she is now the curator of the Bob Marley Museum. She also performs and has become a community activist.

 2. Cedella Marley, is a clothing designer who designed the Jamaican uniforms for the Jamaican Olympics team including Usain Bolt in 2012 and the 2016 games. She is also the Ceo of Tough Gong International. Cedella was named after Bob’s mother.

3. David Ziggy Marley was born in 1968, he was the leader of the Melody Makers. He won 4 Grammy Awards and continues to perform for adults and children, Ziggy also produced his comic book “Marijuana Man”.

4. Steven Marley, born in Wilmington, Delaware to Rita and Bob Marley in April 1972 is the 4th member of the Melody Makers, he is the last child for Bob and Rita, a Grammy-nominated musician and a record producer who has worked with many superstars including his siblings as well.

5. Robert “Robby” Marley was the first of many children that Bob had outside the marriage. He was born a month after Steven and not long before Rohan. His mother is Pat Lucille Williams but Robby was also brought to live with Bob and Rita. Robby is a motorcycle stunt rider and has stayed out of the spotlight.

6. Rohan Marley, was born in 1972 born 3 days after his brother Robby, and a month after Steven, his mother was Janet Hunt. He was brought to live with Bob and Rita when he was 4-years-old. He is an entrepreneur who was a professional football player, Rohan is involved in the Marley Coffee business and the Tough Gong Clothing line. He has children with Lauren Hill the singer but they are no longer a couple.

7. Karen Marley, was born in England to Janet Bowen and she has kept her life private. She grew up in Jamaica and attended school with the other Marley children.

8. Stephanie Marley was adopted by Bob, she was born in 1974 and it is said that her father’s name is Ital, Rita had her outside of the marriage. Bob raised her as his own. She is now a businesswoman and she is the director of Marley’s Resort and Spa it is a former family vacation home in Nassau, Bahamas. It was converted into a Luxury Vacation Resort.

9. Julian Marley tours regularly and has performed with his brothers Ziggy, Stephen and Damian. Julian‘s 2009 project “Awake” was nominated for a Grammy. He has released 3 albums. Julian was born in England, the son of Lucy Pounder, he was born in 1975.

10 Kimani Marley born in 1976 to Anita Belnavis Bob’s girlfriend, a Caribbean Table Tennis Champion. He was more interested in sports than music. However, he found his love for rapping and singing and released an album “Like Father like son” in 1996 as well. Kimani has starred in classic Jamaican films such as Shottas and ‘One Love’.

11. Damian “Junior GongMarley was born in June 1978 to Cindy Breakspeare a respected Jazz musician, after she won the Miss World title in 1976. He is a dancehall Reggae artiste and has won 3 Grammy Awards. He has also made music with a number of very famous superstars. Junior Gong was named after his father as he is his last son.

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Bob Marley’s Children have been taking care of his legacy well, even though there are controversies and speculations surrounding the number of children that Marley had because there could have been some that were not acknowledged.

Bob’s other alleged Children includes “Imani Carole” born in 1963, to Sheryl Murray, but she is not acknowledged as such on the official Marley website. It is not certain that she is Bob’s firstborn child. Another is Makeda Marley, her mother Yvette Crichton is the singer’s youngest child who was born not long after Bob died and she is not acknowledged on the Marley website.  She currently resides in the Philadelphia area.

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