JFF President Gives New Details On Fallout With Cedella Marley And Reggae Girlz, Says Some “Accusations” Not Authentic – Watch Interview

Friday, January 12, 2024, 3:51 AM

Following the resignation of Cedella Marley as the Jamaica Football Federation’s (JFF) global women’s football ambassador, the president of the JFF, Michael Ricketts, has shared his thoughts on her exit. As Marley’s departure came amid claims accusing the foundation of wrongdoing, Ricketts has also expressed that not all of those accusations are authentic.

Noting that he and Marley have an excellent relationship, Ricketts said he was disappointed by her resignation, as her exit meant the loss of immense support for the football programme. Reflecting on the vast contributions made to the programme through the Marley family, Ricketts said it is the JFF’s responsibility to find a sponsor capable of doing likewise.

Khadija “Bunny” Shaw and Cedella Marley
Khadija “Bunny” Shaw and Cedella Marley

He also shared that the foundation is actively looking for a new sponsor to fill the current void. Speaking on TVJ’s All Angles, Ricketts went on to address claims made by Marley in her resignation announcement.

The former Reggae Girlz ambassador had criticised the JFF for their behaviour towards the team, stating that the foundation continued to “malign, mistreat, and vilify them at every opportunity by fostering a blatantly false narrative in the media.” Marley also accused the JFF of not being receptive to her attempts at assisting in finding a resolution to the rift between players and the organisation.

However, Ricketts has dismissed any notion that Marley was treated poorly, expressing that the JFF had made attempts to address the rift. He further dismissed accusations that members of the national team have not been paid for the 2023 World Cup, stating that the claims are not “authentic.”

JFF President Michael Ricketts

According to Ricketts, the JFF has continuously asked the players who are still owed, but they have so far not responded. He explained that the JFF faced difficulties computing the numbers regarding the Girlz’ payment, as their pay is dependent on the details surrounding how much they played in the World Cup.

Ricketts added that the players have not been forthcoming in regards to who may have been overpaid or not yet paid. Further speaking on Marley, Ricketts said she was very passionate when it came to the Girlz and would remain by their side even if they were wrong.

In addition to stating that the Girlz had not shown JFF enough respect, Ricketts also said the players had displayed a lack of appreciation for how far the various local football programmes had brought them.

Watch the full interview below:

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