Cedella Marley Talks on Lack of Financial Support Locally for Reggae Girlz and Their Impressive World Cup Run – Watch Interview


According to her, multiple Go Fund Me accounts were set up to help the Girlz, however, the Go Fund Me money was not used by her during her endeavours as her family’s foundation is “self Fund”, however, she did point out that one of the Go Fun Me’s money actually was used to help the Girlz’s day to day activities and needs in while Australia. This Go Fund Me was set up by a parent of one of the players.

Cedella Marley was also asked about the JFF possibly not paying off the Girlz after the World Cup, like the last time.

Cedella Marley said, “This time it won’t happen,” as she addressed the question. The multi-talented creator made the strong declaration as she reminisced on the Reggae Girlz’ past struggles to their current success.

Cedella continued her declaration by explaining why she thinks past actions of the JFF will not be repeated in an interview with the Attacking Third panel. “Let me tell you this this time it won’t happen, because you know the world is watching,” Cedella outlined.


Being one of the main driving forces of getting the Jamaican women’s team to where they are currently, Cedella says she is not able to watch the Reggae Girlz play because of how emotional she will get seeing that she suffers from a few health complications.

However, she says she listens to Reggae Girlz games instead. Cedella went on to heap a ton of praises on The Reggae Girlz’ captain Khadija Bunny Shaw for her leadership qualities and inspiration, who she calls “Super Women,” as she promised to write a book about her.

Cedella also talks about the progress of women’s football in Jamaica, which she compares to the early days of her father, Bob Marley’s music.

“It’s growing women’s football is still not yet widely accepted in Jamaica, so it’s growing, but I said something today as it relates to my father and his music my father’s music was not popular in Jamaica, but the world accepted it and accepted his music,” Cedella explained.

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