Lisa Hanna SPEAKS OUT Against PM For Allowing Foreigners In On No Movement Day

Tuesday, September 14, 2021, 1:52 PM

Member of Parliament for South East St. Ann, Lisa Hanna has spoken up as it relates to the current no movement days implemented by the Prime Minister to stop the spread of the deadly Covid-19 virus and its various strains.

The words of the former Miss Jamaica Universe also come with scrutiny of the Government’s leadership for the double standard move of allowing tourists to come to the island on the days assigned for no movement.


Her opinion came by way of an Instagram post that saw the MP, posting a screenshot of what she thought about the whole situation.

In the onscreen message, she showed where she wrote “Many J’cans already live with fear of violence, sustained hunger & threats to their livelihood. Repressing them further without movement but giving foreigners that right will breed dangerous resentment within a population already pushed to the limit. We’ve got to strike a balance”.

Followers of Hanna, were surely in support of what she said however, one person who goes by the handle @robbanthony1 commented saying “Please tell us what you recommend as the balance” but there was no response from the MP.

One person did get a reply nonetheless when they asked the Shadow minister to give a highlight of how the “No Movement days” and the food prices are affecting the people, for which Lisa Hanna posted a link telling them that she did.

Another follower by the name of @iamkarenblessed was not having any of it and wrote in the comments section “Your party would do the same. So I hope ur speaking to both sides”.

Will the Prime Minister respond to the words of Lisa Hanna? We would need to wait and find out, but things are certainly heating up at this point to the extent that many are even calling for a revolution.

Check out her statement below.

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