Lisa Hyper Continues Recovery in Hospital, Explains What Caused Her Hospitalization

Dancehall artiste Lisa Hyper, who continues her recovery in the hospital, sends more positive messages for the start of 2023. Born Felicia Gooden, the singer/songwriter is hoping to turn her life around after recently being hospitalized at the University Hospital of the West Indies.

Lisa Hyper who grew up in Golden Meadows, a small quiet community in Stony Hill, St. Andrew stated that, “Right now, the New Year ketch mi a UHWI, I don’t know how long I will be on this ward but when I get out, I am done with smoking,” she said. In addition, the artist said: “I know it is the smoking of marijuana that keeps creating these problems. I want to conquer my problems, I don’t want to relapse, I really have to beat this thing now.”

The female artiste is resolute to make sure that she fulfils one goal of her new year’s resolution which is to quit smoking marijuana as soon as possible. It is common for most artistes/creators to smoke marijuana as part of their daily routines which is claimed to assist with the creation process.

“I really want to become an advocate for mental wellness and maybe even one day, partner with the National Council on Drug Abuse, to help teens struggling with drug addictions,” according to Lisa, “it is a two-part problem that we need to address as a society,” she told Nikki Z in a recent interview on The Bridge 99 FM.

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Dr. Alice Weaver Flaherty, a neurologist at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School who specializes in deep brain stimulation and the brain’s relationship with creativity, says “the answer isn’t black and white” as it relates to marijuana containing creative properties. Her extensive research suggests that part of the answer lies in the frontal lobe of the brain.

In her research, she discovered that people with high creative abilities have more activity in the frontal lobe than those with low creative abilities. Flaherty, along with several other neuroscientists has drawn a connection between marijuana use and creative thinking.

Despite this amazing fact about the plant and its medicinal benefits, it still has its downside side effects and is highly addictive to those who use it.

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