Lisa Hyper Defends Continuing Dancehall After Baptism “I’m On A Journey” – Watch Video

October 29, 2022

There is a lot of controversy surrounding Lisa Hyper as of late since the viral video of her baptism and her speech on how getting baptized will affect her dancehall career. Even though she did a radio interview with Zip 103 addressing her baptism and also spoke up about her new dress code now that she is a Christian (says she will dress more modestly) on separate occasions, people still have a host of questions for the artiste.

Hours ago, on Instagram Live, she further addressed fans and critics alike who seemed to still be confused. “I’m on a journey and I’m looking forward for the best out of my journey,” she said. Someone in the comments stated that she was playing with God to which Lisa responded, “a you alone a ramp wid God.”


She made it known that people will not be able to do to her what they did to Marion Hall (formerly Lady Saw) and that the public always tries to insert themselves into something that does not concern them.

Another individual on the Live seemingly mentioned that she was just confusing people with her latest escapades and Lisa made a note of replying, “unnuh a confuse unnuh self. Nuh badda come tell nuh lie pan me bout me a confuse unnuh.” Moving on, she told her fans to “stay tuned” as she has lots in store.

The Cry Me A River singer declared that she should be getting praised for being honest instead of being talked down to and rattled off a few bible verses that she “nuh leff”. Some of them included Psalms 23, 27, 35, 55, and 91. “Mi know mi Bible,” she divulged.

Reiterating that baptism and Christianity is a process and a journey, Lisa said she wanted to take everyone with her. Wrapping up, she asked everyone to pray for her throughout her difficult journey “instead a unnuh come and judge mi and fling unnuh stone pan mi, just pray fi me.”

Check out some of the comments from the Live below:

Watch the video below:


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