Lisa Hyper Returns, Here’s the latest

Monday, August 13, 2018, 10:42 AM

The Gaza first lady and her new single “treasure “ the song with the hot new video, is doing well, she has been promoting her music in America. She has even been receiving a lot of attention from Hip Hop artistes as she is doing songs that she calls cross over music.

The entertainer has been working with Mark Henry, a producer who is responsible for the success of many of the American stars.


She has not been doing much locally, but she is here doing videos for two of her songs as she plans to promote her music more throughout the rest of 2018.

Lisa has been Globe- trotting as she grows her fan base. She wants to see more talented young Jamaican women getting more involved in the music business, so that the men won’t be dominating it as much as before.

She is impressed by the way Marion Hall aka Lady Saw has left Dancehall gone into the Gospel genre and looks happy and contented. Lisa doesn’t want any competition among Jamaicans in the music business, she wants everyone to know that foreigners are trying to push Jamaicans out of dancehall music completely, so they can have it all for themselves; and more needs to be done to stop this from happening.

She has seen the new artistes in the business and she is happy that something is happening, but she is still encouraging more Jamaicans to get involved in music.

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