Lisa Hyper says Connection with Vybz Kartel is Deeper than Music

August 18, 2018

Lisa Hyper was asked recently about how she felt since the appeal of the Vybz Kartel case, and her response was colorful. She said Kartel is her muse and they had a deep connection, so she had nothing but positive thoughts about him and what is happening with the murder case.

She remembers the song she did with him before “Whine for Me” was done almost 10 years ago, and she believes the fans would be happy to see them doing music together again.


Hyper also spoke about the speculation persons had when the music came out, they said there was a relationship between her and Kartel.

She had not responded to the speculations until now. She says the relationship between her and Kartel started a long time ago. When she was only 5-years-old they both met and they grew up in the same community.

Hyper says she is not like the other artistes who only found him when they want a buss, and she is looking forward to doing music with him again.

The song “Treasure” that will be released soon by Hyper is a collaboration with Kartel it seems as though he did his part while he is in prison.


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