List of Top Asset Tokenization Platform 2021

December 22, 2021

Asset tokenization has been increasing in popularity for the past five years. It is not a new concept, but with the rise in popularity of DeFi and cryptocurrencies, many parties have turned their attention to the solution.

For those who are still grappling with the understanding of asset tokeniation, read this post and you will thank us later.

  1. What Is an Asset Totekization?

Asset tokenization is a sophisticated process of creating digital tokens on blockchain that will be used as digital or physical asset representatives.

Since it is backed by the blockchain, it will give peace of mind to the asset owners since there is no single authority or third party that can edit, modify, or transfer the ownership. Not to mention that no one can tamper with the data with malicious intent.The traits of asset tokenization ownership planted on the blockchain are immutable. No one can tamper with the data.

  1. How Does Asset Toketization Work?

The tokenization method is simple to understand. It involves the creation of tokens that represent particular digital or physical assets. However, the tokenization life cycle can be more complicated than the actual understanding itself. Here is the brief life cycle of the tokenization of common assets:

Asset selection: The project owners will carefully select the asset and make sure that it has the target audience and values.

Defining the business model: in this step, the project owners must determine the business model that will dictate the tokens.

Tokenomics: In this phase, the team will be creating the token economics strategies. It revolves around how many tokens will be distributed to all users, including the investors and creators.


From a technical standpoint, this is where the coding will take place.

Legal regulations: legal regulations can differ from one location to the next. will need to make sure that the tokens are regulated.

White paper: Introduce the project to the world.


Early tests: The testing must be conducted before the full deployment. The testers are the project owners, internal teams, and VIPs.

Pitching to investors: to run a tokenization asset project, one will need to get backed by good investors.


Deployment: the launch of the tokens in an ICO or other project.

Expansions: proceed with the use cases and projects where the tokens are used by the users in the particular ecosystems.

Top 2021 Tokenization Platforms

There are many tokenization providers that you might come across online. But not all of them provide an equal quality of service. It could take effort and time to do your own research. To save more of your time, you could consider taking a look at this list.

” INC4 “

INC4 is a software engineering company that focuses on blockchain technology. The team consists of highly skilled and experienced blockchain experts who are ready to help you with relevant services.

They offer various blockchain services such as tokenization, DeFi, smart contracts, Dapps, mining apps, NFTs, and many more.

For good reasons, INC4 has a wide array of services. They have ample technology and resources that can support them in fulfilling the requirements of high-profile clients. From designing to developing particular projects, they are ready to help you anytime. INC4 claims to provide blockchain services all over the world.

So, no matter where your business is located, you won’t need to hesitate to take the opportunities to work together with INC4 experts to tokenize your particular assets.

Whether it is for digital or physical assets, they are ready to help you tokenize the assets on the trusted blockchain.

The INC4 portfolio is also available on their official site. You could take your time to take a look at their page and see the opportunities that are available to you. INC4 offers flexibility in the services according to your needs and requirements.

They will give you good quotes when you inquire about them. They will also consider your requests thoroughly. The amazing online reviews from previous customers are solid proof that the companies always deliver the best solution.

Try to reach out to their representatives. They will gladly help you from the beginning to the end.


Harbor is one of the top-notch software companies that focuses on the blockchain service and its relatives. If you are looking for a tokenization service, they can also help you attain the particular solution.

They have worked with some mid-to high-profile companies. Many clients were happy because of the asset liquidity guarantee that they offered before the commencement of the project.

Tokeny Solutions

Tokeny Solutions is not a newcomer. In fact, some people across the globe have become familiar with the respective company. The software engineers in the team proclaimed that they have always updated the best solutions for asset tokenization.

Tokeny Solutions describes itself as a financial technology company. So, if you link your asset tokenization on blockchain with DeFi or other relatable solutions, they are ready to help you. They are ready to tailor the solutions according to the customers’ needs.


As quoted by their representatives on their official page, PO8 is a software company that provides services revolving around the blockchain and asset tokenization. Its portfolio came from the marine archeology and investment industries. However, they won’t generalize the service. They provide ample flexibility in the solutions that they tailor according to the customers’ needs.


Mattererum is a popular company that focuses on smart contract solutions. Not only are they prepared to assist you with the specific solution, but they are also prepared to assist you with asset tokenization services.If you want to tokenize particular assets with guarantees, reaching them out can be a great start for you.

Parrarel Markets

Parrarel Markets has so many positive reviews from satisfied clients. They tailored the services with different approaches according to their clients’ needs.

Although many clients link the company with fintech services, they can do more than that. If you want to increase the liquidity of your assets, you could rely on this provider to build amazing solutions for your company.


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