LISTEN: Phone Call of Man Threatening to Kill His Ex-Girlfriend after Lock-down Ends “Mi ago Kill yo”

An audio recording has been going around with a man threatening to kill his ex-girlfriend who goes by the name of Denise after she broke up with him, in the phone call, the man states that when the Lock-down is up he was going to kill the female “I going to hurt yo and listen to mi very careful… yuh ago dead” states the man who goes by the name of Peter to his Ex-girlfriend.

“If i nuh kill yo yuh see something wrong… nuh god nuh come… look if yuh nah go dead”, he went on to point out that he intends to kill Denise where she sells foodstuff if she goes back to the location. The man was adamant that he will hurt the female because she hurt him in the first place by moving out of his house. “if mi nuh kill yo something wrong” he continued.


He also went on to explain that she was lucky that he did not kill her recently when they almost meet-up at a location. Peter also told his former lover that he is waiting on the three-weekend lockdowns to be up before he commits the crime.

He was particularly upset at the fact that he spent a lot of money on her when she was sick, he used this as an excuse to say that he won’t allow her to go around and hurt other men, he also said that even if it costs him his life he will make certain that she doesn’t live if he sees her.

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At one point in the conversation Denise pointed out that men are killing women a lot nowadays, Peter was quick to react to that statement suggesting that he would do the same thing, he also told her to report him to the police several times as he tried to let her know how serious he was. Listen to the full Voicenote below.



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