LISTEN: Shenay Spencer pleading “Please” for help Before Passing Away – Voice-Note

Saturday, March 6, 2021, 12:54 PM GMT-5

The Jamaica gleaner has released a voice note from ICU patient “Shenay Spencer” desperately trying to make contact with hospital staff in an attempt fix a machine for her to get high-flow nasal oxygen.

In the voice note “the machine was working fine” she states before explaining that there was a power-cut that caused the machine to stop working “mi deh pan bed 12 emergency Roy please”, “try call dem” she told the person she contacted in an effort to save her own life.


Spencer was at the the Kingston Public Hospital and according to her mother and family members, she was not getting the right care, “a mi bread winner that suh mi nuh know” says her mother.

Learn more from the video clip below.

According to a family member ICU was called to attend to Spencer, she was attended to however Spencer still complained about feeling weak, she past away a few days later. Learn more from the chilling report below.

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