LISTEN: Sparta Gang Member Threatens Police To Release Brother Or Else A Police Dies

A video recently got released online of an officer taking a call however, the tricky part of it was that the person on the call was demanding for ‘Records Moses’ to be released from jail with a large sum and a violent cost if the lawmen do not follow his instructions.

Vlogger, Terro Don recently featured the footage, on his channel and according to what was said by the man on the phone, he was calling from the Sparta Gang, and the person he wants to be freed is his bigger brother ‘Ricardo’.

He also said that once they pull up to the Freeport Police station there should be 2 million dollars, waiting on them and if everything is not done by what was said they are going to torture and kill police on video for them to see.

It seemed as if the officer that was talking to the person on the phone, was sarcastically going along with the whole thing when the call dropped, only to hear the same person call back a little time after, very angry stating that the situation is serious and he is not afraid to be shot and killed.

No one knows for sure if the call is a prank or a real thing as the police typically get calls like those, so for this situation, we will need to see how it further develops.

Learn more from the vidoe below.

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