LISTEN: Woman says Roy Fowl Son Killed Her Step-Son in Leaked VOICE NOTE

The death of Roy fowl Saga continues, now this lady is having a lot to say about the matter. a lot have been happening since the death of 62yr old Owen Clarke AKA ‘Father Fowl’ , he was shot multiple times by unknown men who rode up on a motorbike. He then collapsed in front of his red Range Rover motor vehicle and died on the scene.

The seemingly Upset Elderly Lady stated that “Yes mi son mi nuh know how fi put it up pan facebook or how fi advertise it load , yes the old bumboclaat lot a unuh dung a Jamaica… dutty ghetto stinking evil daemons unuh.. and a come look pan my fucking son them unuh kill my son but justice affi prevail, and mi nuh wah my son dem duh ntn to none a unuh , unuh wi si wah happen to di wul a unuh, if dutty roy fowl son and him dutty gangsta friend them neva gang up pan mi step son and stab him and kill him all a this wouldn’t come about… unuh ago get snipe and a nuh my son snipe yo rass… a god me serve enuh mi nuh serve man”

Listen Full Voice note below!

Also… Even tho Mr. Fowl was said to be a womanizer he was said to be loved equally by all his girlfriends. Lena British who he has been with for some 25 years just might have been the main one, After-all 25 years is a long time for 2 persons to be together.

Lena British wrote the following on her social media page “Owen aka Bignus, how do I say goodbye to you???, next to my moms passing this is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to endure. The tears have not stop flowing, “how do I say goodbye to my dear friend” ….your life was snuffed out so callously, so unexpectedly, so reasonless, (Fowl, this has HIT me soooo hard). I can’t explain the pain , the sorrow , the despair , the sadness and anguish I’m experiencing since I got that dreaded phone call, ( this can’t be real) I told myself. Owen, I take comfort in how many persons lives you have touched in a helpful and positive way, how happy and fruitful in spirit you were, how loved and cherished you are by many inclusive of myself. You are a KIND, god-fearing,caring, thoughtful ,fun loving, life of the party and peaceful kind of a man. The endurance of
our friendship was not understood by many, but the only thing mattered to us was how we felt about our unbreakable bond in loyalty and friendship. God help me!!!! How do I say goodbye ???😢😰😥😭”

WATCH: Father Fowl’s friend ‘Oney British’ Killed in Kingston Last Night [Video]

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