Little British Girl Choked on Face Mask found in McDonald’s chicken nugget

August 6, 2020

Maddie a little girl who lives in England almost choked to death after eating the chicken nuggets that her mother bought for her at McDonald’s recently.

Sources revealed that after a few seconds of eating, the  6-year-old girl began coughing and her terrified mother, Laura Arber, decided to stick her finger down her throat in order to force the food to come out.


Laura examined the strangely colored vomit and saw that it was speckled with blue material. When further investigation was done of the food she was led to a startling discovery. Her daughter had eaten a surgical mask and not chicken.

She even posted a video of her cutting one of the remaining nuggets and the protective mask could be clearly seen, there were pieces of it in the food. Maddie is doing well and McDonald’s corporate office issued an apology for the problem.

There are some friends who said they would not accept an apology, they would want to sue the company and collect big money.

The video is online for everyone to see the McNuggets with the mask in it from McDonald’s.

See viral video below



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