London Teenager KILLS 2 Sisters After SIGNING Deal With The DEVIL

A London teenager has been found guilty for the killing of two sisters, in what the authorities discovered to be a part of a pact with the devil. The young man has been identified as Danyal Hussein, and he was booked for the deaths of Bibba Henry and Nicole Smallman in a park in Wembley on June 5th of last year.

According to the reports, the sisters were celebrating Bibba’s birthday with other friends. Even when their friends began to go home, it is said that the siblings stayed in the park, and were dancing with fairy lights as night approaches, when they were eventually attacked by Danyal, losing their lives in a knife attack.


Hussein was arrested recently, after detectives put together the pieces of the puzzle by way of videos showing him on the night of the crime with his blood-stained trousers removed, as well as his hand that was injured in the attack covered. His blood was also found to be all over the crime scene.

He was also seen days before the horrific crime in a supermarket buying the knives, used to commit the act.

In a twist of the story, the police discovered several satanic symbols in the bedroom of his mother’s house, as well as a pact to the devil signed with his blood, to sacrifice 6 women every six months in return for better luck at the lottery and with women.

In his defence, Hussein claimed that he was not the murderer and that he received his hand injuries by way of someone robbing him; however, he was still convicted.

Learn more form the video report below.



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