Look Alike: Innocent Man asking for £1m after he spent`17 Years in Jail

Mr. Jones was in prison for 17 years after an eye witness said he was the one who committed armed robbery in 1999. He is now 42 years-old and he had tried to appeal his case many times, but he was unsuccessful.

After he heard about a man who looked just like him and he also had the same first name, he contacted the Midwest Innocent Project as they provide legal services to people who are innocent.

The lawyers were amazed when they saw how much the two men looked alike. It was the other inmates who kept on telling him that there was someone who looked just like him, why he finally started believing that it was possible.

Mr. Jones has filed a petition for E1million even though he says it is not enough compensation for all that he has lost because of this mistake, as his 2 daughters had no father to provide for them and they were quite young when he was locked up. However, he believes it will help him to put his life back on track.

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