Love Triangle Involving Police Turns Deadly on Birthday in Old Harbour

Wednesday, March 20, 2019, 4:06 PM GMT-5

The old Harbour community called Island Form was rocked by a shooting incident that took place around 12pm Monday night after a birthday party.

According to the official Police report, the police involved was trying to breakup a dispute between the 29 year old young man and his girlfriend, the report stated that the police was attacked first and got injured in the process. Police says he shot 29 year old Tax office worker in self defence.

Now residents and Family members are saying otherwise “dem all call him nerd to how him nuh gi trouble… Police a kill mi nephew over woman” the aunt of the dead young man stated, while another said that “him nuh walk wid knife” while pleading the young man’s innocence.

A love triangle gone wrong, According to residents the police killed the 29 year old over woman feud.

Residents are adamant that the police officer cut himself with a beer bottle and not the other way around as the police stated.

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Gang Leader Killed in St. James

Killed is 32 year old Amoy Young and said to be one of St. James most wanted.

The shooting took place about 9:30, Amoy was said to be in the company of 2 men, when Police approached the suspect , he then opened fire, the police returned fired and the Gang leader Mr. Young was found suffering from Gunshot wounds. Mr. Young was taken to the Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

1 Browning 9m with 2 rounds of ammunition were reportedly taken from him.

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