Love Triangle Led to Keshan’s Death

The dancehall artiste Keshan was shot and killed on Saturday morning, leaving a family to mourn and seek answers.
Her family is demanding that the police do a thorough investigation so the truth can be known about what happened on that faithful night; as it is possible that her lover will be found guilty of her murder.



There are a lot of questions that are being asked at this time, as her lover also has 2 children with another woman, and it is possible that Keshan was in the middle of a love triangle.

Keshan’s sister believes the lover was living a double life after he told Keshan that the relationship between himself and the other woman was finished. It is possible that Keshan found out about it and she confronted him.

It was reported that Keshan heard he was at the other woman’s house and she went there and saw him, she then got angry and broke his car glass, before he shot her. However, it was also reported that Keshan whose real name is Kenniesha Brown was taken to the hospital by her lover after she was shot.

It was also reported that Kenesha had stabbed him three times before she was shot. The latest news that was reported about the matter has revealed that there has been no ruling yet, the lover is still not charged.

Vybz Kartel knew Keshan well, and he is very sad about her death, he wrote a post about it on Instagram. She had collaborated with him when she worked on some of her tracks. “Kill and Die”, “Bubble Yu Body” and “The Goods” were three of her songs.

The Corporate Communication Network revealed later that the lover was treated for his wounds and released from the hospital, the Corporate Communication Network (CCU) revealed later.



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