Luciano Burns A Fire On Sexually Aggressive And Criminal Lyrics In Dancehall Songs

Veteran Reggae artiste Luciano has taken on a critical stand where it concerns the quality of the current music coming out of Jamaica and is calling for measures to be implemented where it concerns song releases. The move is very trivial in itself however, the singer made some astounding comments that might get you thinking about the sense in what he is saying.

As a gauge for the music, Luciano says that there needs to be a body for music that has similar operations to the bureau of Standards that examine the songs before they are put out so that the morality of what is being said, be put in check. The entertainer who spoke to the Jamaica Star about the matter, says that in his perspective the genre of music is not the issue but the message that is being conveyed through the lyrics, which he explained is commonly played in public transportations.

“The Messenger” also outlined that Jamaica has laws that prohibit certain things like the public use of expletives, and the use of the same in live performances to the extent where persons in violation of such statutes have been charged.

Where it concerns the impact of the lyrics on people, Luciano has mentioned that the sexually-explicit lyrics and songs glorifying criminal behaviour are not things that will help Jamaicans to grow spiritually, further expounding by letting it known that the genre of Dancehall has been in existence for some time and that the music does not have to be so bold and graphic where the lyrics and music videos are concerned.

This makes the veteran artiste thinks the devil has taken over the music fraternity, with him explaining his feelings of remorse knowing he is a part of it and as such would do anything to aid in its improvement. Luciano furthered his musical complaints by highlighting that Jamaica is well recognized as a role model due to its musical leadership over the past decades, and in respect of that, he believes that the music deserves to be healed spiritually.


About the impact of Jamaican music, Luciano spoke about Bob Marley’s 1976 hit “Zimbabwe” which took foot in the African country, aiding their social and political uprisings at the time which he explained showed the undisputed influence of Jamaica.

With that being said the “Lord Give Me Strength” artiste said the music does not have to be polluted because if the Government can ban plastic bags, certain types of lyrics must be able to be contained or checked just like speeding on a highway.

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