Luciano Talks on What Caused the Viral Altercation While on Stage – Video

Jah Messenger’ Luciano who was recently embroiled in an altercation at a local event has come forward to give details on the events of the night which led to the viral moment. According to Jepther McClymont more commonly known as Luciano, he was at a friend’s birthday party, showing support, when the incident took place.

In the interview with Winford Williams of Onstage TV, Luciano details that he was ‘calling up’ several artistes to perform at the event, however, one particular individual whom he calls “Rebel”, did not have the patience nor courtesy to ask and wait diligently for a chance to perform like the others.


As shown in the viral video, one of the artistes whom the ‘Reggae Messenger’ allowed to perform beside him was working the stage when “Rebel” took to the stage and grabbed the mic from the upcoming artiste. “Is a nice song him did ago sing enuh… is a humble rasta man,” says Luciano with regards to the man who was initially disrespected on stage.

Luciano outlines that, he was enraged when the “same rasta youth” mentioned that “a badman thing, the thing come to”, Luciano stated, “me just move to Rebel and ask wah kinda business…” He also mentioned that he was further enraged when Rebel called him a “big dread”.

The veteran Reggae artiste went on to disclose that he knew Rebel prior to the incident, he went on to explain that he also knew Rebel’s brother and mother for a long time.

He went on to talk about his latest music release titled ‘Terrible Time’.

Watch the interview below:

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