Macka Diamond, Granny Macka or Mackadocious

Wednesday, February 19, 2020, 9:08 AM

For years dancehall fans branded Macka Diamond as the old woman of the genre, but she has decided to do something about it that causes her to have the last laugh.

She created a new character known as “Mackadocious” or “Granny Macka” who is an old lady who walks with a walking stick and she is still Macka Diamond who is looking even younger than she did when she just started in the music business; as she has been eating healthy and taking care of her body.


Macka is now able to change her appearance and entertain fans in more ways than before and this according to her, caused her popularity to soar. She used what people were trying to use against her for her own good, and now she has more fans than before.

Macka Diamond, Granny Macka or Mackadocious

There are a lot of persons who love the excitement and the fun of the transformation. Now the people who criticized her are dumbstruck. She has been doing video promos and persons are asking her to do the transition when she performs and she does it whenever she wants to, she can easily change the way she looks.

Macka seeks to shows people that she is still talented, and she still has what it takes to do well.

She revealed that the Cucumber video was getting a lot of views on YouTube and it did a lot for the song after it was released.

In Costa Rica, she even cried tears of joy, when she saw the response to her music and her performances. Her fans there advertised her event on Social Media and a club was packed and they had another event in a larger space and that was packed as well; even though the people there speak Spanish.

Dancehall music is very popular there and Macka Diamond is doing well, she stated.

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