Macka Diamond Lashes Out at Critics and Defends Her Age: Flaunts Her ‘Natural’ Body – Watch Video

Dancehall artiste Macka Diamond was in no mood for any criticism while on a livestream and defended her age as she flaunted her body.

The Dancehall veteran has been a staple in the industry for many years, outlasting many who have tried to enter and maintain a place in the business. Born Charmaine Munroe, the entertainer is reportedly 53 years old and has received criticism in the past about her age from those who believe that she is past her prime.

During the live-stream, Macka Diamond passionately defended both her age and her looks, declaring that none of her critics could look as good or be as healthy as she is now. The Bun Him deejay also highlighted that she is all-natural and has not bleached her skin or done cosmetic surgery.

“Yuh nuh si how mi nice an clean, look deh, and a not nuh bl**dcl**t bleaching cream [ … ] Mi just a glow,” Macka Diamond stated.

The artiste went on to stand up and showcase her body, highlighting her firm butt and tight skin, and dared her critics to try to do the same. Reacting to a clip of the livestream, many viewers spoke out in support of Macka Diamond and highlighted what a privilege it was to live to her age.

“Age is just a number and not everyone gonna look like you, especially the ones who are criticizing you. God bless you Macka many will not live to reach your age or any age at all. Bad mind, jealousy and envious is a crime,” one viewer stated.

Watch a clip from the live stream with Macka Diamond below.

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