Macka Diamond Says She’s On Every Man’s List With Her Natural Body

Squashing the rumours of having cosmetic surgery done to her body, Macka Diamond is about to drop her “Dream Body” single addressing the accusations while sending a message to the ladies that they should do whatever they desire to their bodies.

“Hot, cute, niceness. Diamond, Priceless. Natural body nuh fix so every man want mi pan dem list,” she sings.

The single brags about being hot and priceless with a trending natural body and also voices her support of both natural and surgically enhanced bodies. The 51-year-old singer shared a 41-minute-long tease of her single that is blasting in the background as she shows off her “nice and clean body” in the bed.

The video was shared on her Instagram page with a line from the song pinned in the caption saying “Do up yuh body gal me no care the only thing fake a me false hair”. “Brand new #Dreambody out now produced by @dubcity @streetcredja #mackadiamondyoutube,” it concluded.

In the track, Macka admits to wearing a waist trainer, but her body has never gone under the “knife”. “To how mi hot dem tink mi go unda di knife when a just a one wasit trainer mi a wear.” “Watch nice and clean body, trending and stream body, all di dolly dem dream body,” she sings in the chorus twice, adding that she’s glowing with her “cream body.”

In the single, Macka Diamond is also heard remarking that everyone is talking about her body, which might not only be referring to the surgery rumours. The ‘Dye Dye’ singer was recently a hot topic due to leaked videos of her being naked as she gives herself foreplay. Macka Diamond has not yet addressed the leaked tapes, but this might be directed towards them.

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