Mackerel and Her New Music

July 17, 2021 8:57 PM

Three years ago Mackerel announced herself with the brash Tek A Gal Man slang, her time in the spotlight has been up and down since. Some say her attitude is bad for teenagers, she was also denounced by many who said she was promoting promiscuity. The big talker turn deejay has toned down a bit, but she still stands up for hot girls with her latest song “Make the Video See You”.

Mackerel’s new song was produced by Doozie Whyte for Skiffle D Productions and released in June. She described it as a fun, party song, a kind of song just like Spice, Shaggy and Sean Paul’s song “Go Down Deh”. “It’s a fun, party song. Dis song is real fun in the party song jus’ like Go Down Deh by Spice, Shaggy and Sean Paul,” She told The Jamaica Observer.


Mackerel revealed recently that she is wary of the reputation she earned from her man-snatching speeches and earlier songs, however, the internet star wants to reach the hip summer crowd with this new song.

Her first song had created an instant buzz and one year later, the song got even more attention when Mackerel whose given name is Ladaisha Francis spoke publicly with graphic recollections of challenges she faced while she was growing up in the inner-city in Kingston.

She was dubbed as an ‘Internet sensation’ and ‘comedienne’ when she first came out on the scene but now she is looking to add music as her main career path.

Check out her song below.



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