Mackerel Interview: Talks Music Career, Jenny Jenny, Traveling to Dubai, People Man

Mackerel Official did a live Interview on the Mek Dem Know Tv Show recently and these are her answers to the Questions asked.

How you feel to be the hottest social media sensation at the moment?… Mackerel answers saying “mi feel awesome mi feel great.. mi jus a enjoy it.. mi feel nice mi love it”.


Mackerel at Chug It

Who is this man you been dancing with at chug it, Mackerel states “honestly i don’t know him, mi jus guh a chug it and u know every body love me and wah tek picture with me” The sassy personality also went on to state that “him jus get attached and a somebody man” she further explains that he was holding her very tight while they were dancing.

Jenny Jenny Interview

Mackerel opens up to how she feels about the controversial Jenny Jenny interview, Mackerel states that Jenny Jenny woke her up out of her bed to carry out the interview, “yo nuh feel like a prostitute”, mackerel states that she finds Jenny Jenny comments very disrespectful especially the fact that it was done over the air. Mackerel went on to re-state that she don’t see herself as a prostitute, she just talking reality.

Mackerel sticks to her point that everybody is sharing somebody’s man.

Her Community
Mackerel explains that her community is very supportive of her career and often times persons encourage her and gives her topics and ideas “dem seh them like mi confidence and all these things” she stated.

Mackerel Music
Do you think you can break out as an artiste? she answered saying “yes because i’m a singer i can sing… and i have what it takes to bring the crowd”.

Random Pic of Mackerel.

The Next 10 years time from now
Mackerel states that she see her self traveling the world in the next 10 years time, going to Parish and Dubai “mi jus wah come out… a nuff people man deh a Dubai too a wait pan mi”

How you got the name Mackerel?
“Cuh pan yuh too bout yuh don’t eat mackerel and yuh fava mackerel” explaining that her friend gave her the name while attending Stony Hill Heart academy. Mackerel earlier stated that she don’t eat Mackerel fish.

Mackerel opens up to not being a regular party goer but she drinks liquor, mackerel states “and when me drink me mad”.

Whats Next for Mackerel?
Mackerel answered stating “mmmn i’ll prefer not say mi wah leave di wul a unuh inna suspense”


While conduction an interview with ER(Entertainment Report) Mackerel reveals some stuff most persons haven’t heard before about her to Anthony Miller on Entertainment Report.

18 year old Francis Explains why she likes to talk about taking people man. She talks how her first viral video came from her on her way to take taxi, then she decided to make a video about taking people man. “mi love talk about hit, that’s just my subject” she went on to explain.

A Critic says “this is not an career… this is a moment in the spot light”

Anthony asks her about if it’s common for Men to have girls on the side and her answer was “Every man dweet, nuh man nuh have one woman” Says Mackerel

When asked about her child Mackerel said “well mi son a 5 years old, him aright” she concluded on the topic, if you do the math she had her son at age 13, Anthony asks her next about a 13 year old with a child, she did not make a big deal of it and brushed it off stating that its her business and people should mind theirs.

Mackerel Has This To Say About Blow Jobs +Hires armed Security

While on a video chat recently with one of her fans Mackerel got into oral sex topic, while her caller was going on and on about liking to sck d1ck Mackerel can be seen waving her finger left to right as if she’s saying no. Further on into the conversation the female asks Mackerel if she don’t do blow job and mackerel replied saying “mi afi low di sucking hood to you my girl, a mi good na na na mek him affi come back” she went on to sing “jack it up and back it up and mek the man slap it up”.

The Viral Star was spotted in the streets walking about with her very own private security that was armed. Mackerel earlier talks about being threatened by numerous persons hence she needs security. a month ago a video was circulating online of she getting a buss head while being in the middle of a street fight. Mackerel claims then that she was trying to part the fight when she got hit and the stone was not aimed for her. This time around Mackerel seems to be taking preventative measures.

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