Main Witness, Victim’s Father in the Dante Brooks Trial Speaks Out!

Lancelot Thomas the 55-year-old father said he feels like he is dead on the inside since the 5th of June 2018, when his son died. He describes his son as very loving and caring and said he didn’t deserve to die in that way he did, he was shot and killed and then they tried to cut off his head before they burned his body.

The father said he even told the murderers to kill him too because he loved his son so much. They did almost everything together and he was a source of joy to him from the day he was born.


He was forced to abandon his life after he lost everything in the fire and he had only one underpants. His son’s mother is suffering too, she has developed high blood pressure and diabetes and his daughter has become very aggressive at school .

Thomas is glad that he became the main witness in the trial and hopes that the killers Dante Brooks, the entertainer Mavado’s son and Andre Hinds will be locked away for life. The grieving father of Lorenzo, the victim, now feels like there is a hole in his heart, and he regrets that his son didn’t get to see the birth of his baby.

According to Lancelot, he had to leave the Community after the murder.

On the other hand, Mavado himself came out weeks ago questioning the different statements made by the lead witness and how closely involved the police was in the whole operation which leads to his son being found guilty.

The defense team for Dante Brooks, Mavado’s son is getting ready to appeal the verdict that was handed down by the judge after sentencing recently. Brooks and his co accused Andre Hinds were both handed lifetime prison sentences on Friday, March 19, 2021.

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