Maitland Denied Bail; Neil Lugg Warns That Others Involved “Gots to Go” – See Video

Noel Maitland, who has been in custody since Wednesday, July 27, 2022, was denied bail on Thursday morning by Supreme Court Justice, Vinette Graham-Allen.

According to the judge, this ruling is a precautionary measure, as if released, there is a possibility that the accused would flee the country, intimidate witnesses or impede the investigation in several other ways.

The next court date has been scheduled in the Home Circuit Court for a case management and plea hearing, set for Thursday, February 9, 2023.

Maitland was charged with his girlfriend, Donna-Lee Donaldson’s murder on August 2 and was slapped with an additional charge of preventing the lawful burial of a corpse on October 4.

Donaldson was reported missing on July 13, 2022, and was last seen at Maitland’s New Kingston apartment. Blood evidence suggests that she was killed at the defendant’s home before her body was transported elsewhere.

Prosecutors on the case revealed that bloodstains were also found on sneakers and the curtains inside the house, which was confirmed to be Donaldson’s based on forensic analysis. Even more so, the evidence against Maitland continues to accumulate as a car wash attendant verified that the rumoured ‘couch’ was filled with blood.

During the afternoon session in October of a bail hearing for Maitland, the attendant disclosed that Maitland tried to get a couch cleaned at a car wash and claimed that a cousin had cut himself and his blood had gotten onto the furniture.

It was said that the couch was discoloured to the point where the actual colour, whether brown or red, could not be determined. Allegedly, the worker stated, “A whole heap o’ blood coming out the right side…Him bleed out or this come in like dem kill somebody inna this.”

Coupled with surveillance footage and released voice notes that corroborate the story of Maitland hiring a truck driver to move the couch, along with reports of him trying to have parts of the apartment complex footage deleted, Christopher Townsend (attorney representing Maitland) argued that the evidence is circumstantial.

The accused police constable is also being represented by attorney Sanjay Smith and attorney Kaysian Kennedy-Sherman.

There was also a cell site analysis done, as reported by prosecutors, that placed the location of Donaldson and Maitland’s phone at the same spot (the area surrounding Maitland’s apartment) on Tuesday, July 12, 2022. This was the last known location for the 24-year-old’s phone.

With all the evidence against Maitland, Neil Lugg, uncle of the victim, shared that justice is being served but also declared, “…we nuh done wid it yet, cah memba all a who help him gots to go. We coming at unnuh, wid everything we have. Yeah, we just a deal wid the head first.”

He was stationed outside the Home Circuit Court today along with Donaldson’s mother, Sophia Lugg, and other family members and friends.

Take a look at the videos below:

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