MaJah Hype Ex Says He Release Sex-Tape after she Exposed him Abusing Her

Thursday, December 3, 2020, 11:05 PM GMT-5

Majah Hype who recently got released from the hospital, Is now the centre of an abuse controversy surrounding him and his ex-girlfriend.

According to his partner, she is tired of keeping silent about what is happening as it is affecting her connection with her children and another family.

The female who later in the video disclosed her name as Latesha told her social media followers, that her healing process started with that video and she has been through a lot under the hands of Majah Hype.

In explaining her situation she described the abuse as a full-time Job that forces detachment, and that is what she said happened why she had been isolating herself.

The relationship went on for years and ended more than once but even in those times, Latesha said she went back to be with Hype, for reasons of loyalty and the children.

In trying to get her followers to understand what she went through, she told them to imagine them having bruises they have to hide as well as being forced into sex after being subjected to abuse.

She was very distraught about the whole thing and did the video to get back into herself.

The peace did not last for long, as Latesha stated in a new live video that, Majah Hype has been circulation a sex tape of her from 10 years ago to make it look like she is cheating when it’s him.

She said the comedian smashed her phone and even illegally accessed files on her device.

The distraught female stated that Majah Hype always makes it look like he is peaceful when he is not.

She said Hype even went as far as working voodoo on her when she left and she has evidence.

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Latesha pleaded to Majah Hype, that what he was doing was wrong, also telling the entertainer to tell the truth that he did not have a heart attack and pulled a gun on her that same day.

Watch her first video below

“Instead of being a man Maja Hype… you release a sex tape of me from over 10 years ago… you are not going to shut me up and put me under a rock” She states.

See her second live below about the sex tape

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