Make Jamaica a Republic; Holness Makes It Clear; He Won’t Back Down For Anything

Prime Minister Andrew Holness made a statement saying that he and his administration are moving at breakneck speeds to remove Jamaica from its monarchial rule and completely change the country into a republic. However, opposition leader Mark Golding has expressed his displeasure with the head of state’s decisions, stating that he believes they will burden Jamaican society even more, according to Loop News.

Marlene Malahoo Forte, the Minister of Legal and Constitutional Affairs, not too long ago made it public that the reason for the delay in the naming of the Constitutional Reform Committee’s members comes in light of Golding’s disfavour with some of the matters related to the subject.


The reason the committee is being created is to provide professional advice and to watch over the government’s and the citizens’ decisions during the reforging process of the island’s constitution. This is to carry out suggestions on which agreement has been reached.

In a meeting of the House of Representatives, Minister Malahoo Forte indicated that the head of state, Andrew Holness, should not attract any blame for not being able to name the members of the committee. She stated that the reason he was not able to do so was because opposition leader Mark Golding has not yet made any suggestions as to who he wants to sit on the council from his side.

However, in his speech at the 25th anniversary of the East Central St. James Education Fundraising Dinner, Holness made it clear that the Government of Jamaica will not be discouraged in its efforts to transform the country into a republic. The gathering was held at the Half Moon Conference Center in Montego Bay on Saturday night.

Holness indicated that the minister of Legal and Constitutional Affairs, Marlene Malahoo Forte, was in attendance, and with her aid, they will remove the monarchial ruling over the island. He also expressed that he understands that it will not be an easy road, but for whatever reason others who echoed for it to happen are now saying that it should not take root and are trying to stop the process and make it confusing, the administration will be tunnel-visioned and go straight toward their goals, the minister reiterated.

Expressing his frustration, Holness made it known that the call to make the country a republic has long since been overdue. Also, he is quite aware that for the leaders of the country, it will not be easy, and they have been aware of that since the day they decided to walk this path.

He made it clear that even though they mean to do it with great haste, they are making sure to dot their i’s and cross their t’s so that every move made is one of purpose and great intention. He then earnestly asked the minister to also move with haste and enthusiasm towards the matter because the country must become a republic.

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Member of Parliament for St. James East Central, Edmund Bartlett, also took the opportunity to announce the commencement of his Early Childhood Development Center for Innovation during the festivities of Saturday night’s fundraising dinner.

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