Man Accused Of Setting Girlfriend On Fire Now In Police Custody

Saturday, May 22, 2021, 9:39 PM

The man who is being accused of the gruesome burning of a woman who runs a car wash in the area of Great River, Hanover on Wednesday has been taken into custody by the police to be questioned about what happened that day.

Reports are that the suspected man threw gasoline on the woman, who later said she was his girlfriend, he then proceeded to set her and the car wash on fire. All of this took place after an argument that escalated between the two, the man felt as If he was being disrespected.


The fire on the female was later extinguished by close by residents with a blanket and flour.

The woman who received severe burns was taken to the hospital and placed under treatment, where the police later reported that the man also turned up to get injuries he received from the fire. He was later brought into Police Custody.

According to the victim, the motive behind her boyfriend catching her and the car wash on fire was due to jealousy.

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