Man Beaten Viciously by a Group of Males as If It Was A Scene From A Movie – Watch Video

Sunday, July 2, 2023, 1:12 PM

A brutal beatdown was caught on camera in which a group of men are seen beating another male viciously, knocking him down to the floor on numerous occasions.

The victim, before the beating, was seen entering a room with all smiles and vibing to a song, immediately after a male in a white shirt attacked from behind with a vicious punch. As he fell to the ground, two other males in the room joined in and began throwing punches left and right.


See the video: HERE

One of the males grabbed a chair and started beating the victim in the head with it as he lay on the floor defenceless. The man pleaded with the group of guys by putting up his hand and seemingly tried to explain.

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In the closing of the short tape, one of the attackers held on to him while punching him as he led the victim through the door he entered.

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