Man Charged With Manslaughter Of Jamaican Woman In Hartford Connecticut

Monday, May 24, 2021, 7:57 AM GMT-5

The 22-year-old husband of a missing Jamaican woman in Connecticut was charged with manslaughter a few hours after her body was found. The name of the woman is Jessica Edwards, who was also a student at the Manchester Community College.

Charged for the gruesome Act is Tahj Hutchinson, who is now being held on a 1 Million dollar bond, as he was charged with first-degree manslaughter.

Tahj Hutchinson

Hutchinson is currently in a very sticky situation, as he might be subjected to extra charges after the autopsy is finalized. According to South Windsor police sergeant Mark Cleverdon, who worked on the case, the team of officers is waiting on word from the chief medical examiner as it relates the cause of death in the case of 30year-old Edwards to take further actions.

According to the reports from her husband, Jessica, who is said to have been missing since May 10th, was never seen again as of that day, taking off in an unknown vehicle when she left the house.

Since Edwards, who is also the mother of a seven-month-old child, left the house, her cell phone has been shut off, so her location was very difficult to get during the investigations, however, through much toiling Sergeant Cleverdon explained that her location was obtained through another source.

After days of searching, Jessica was eventually found in a decomposed condition, on Friday close to the Hockanum River, in East Hartford Park.

The police had to be giving mental support to the family of the deceased, as they were very troubled by the loss. According to family members, leaving the house without her baby is not something she would do, so the situation appears to be very strange to them.

A cousin of hers, also claimed that she would talk to her mother and sister every day, and referred to what happened as a “red flag”. According to her sister, on the day that she went missing, Jessica had a very important class that she missed, and did not notify her school which was totally unlike her.

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