Man Chopped to Death for Stealing Goats In St. Ann

According to reports from the Jamaica Star, last Tuesday several men were held by the police with regards to goats that were stolen however one man was not lucky for he was chopped to death by angry residents in the Pedro River community in St. Ann.

A man who has been identified as Victor Walker was cornered along with two other men by the residents after multiple goats went missing Tuesday morning. While the two other men managed to escape the angry residents, Victor was terminated in his plot to do so, receiving several chops which later turned out to be fatal.

The incident happened minutes after 7 AM and according to superintendent Linton Bailey, who is in charge of crime for the St Ann police, three suspects were signalled to stop after the police were alerted by residents, the men sped off in the vehicle in which they were travelling in however later crashed, the men ran from the vehicle and residents chased and managed to get a hold of Walker while the other two men ran away from the scene.

One of the men who escaped later turned himself into the police.

“Three goats were taken from the motor car, suspected to be stolen,” says Bailey said.

Interestingly another vehicle with more suspects was stopped by the police only this time they managed to accused the men before the angry mob hurt them.

A former from the area explained that they have been suffering from goat thieves who also took goats recently. “Life was very miserable for the farmers,” he said. He concluded that he hopes the men are the same ones who always target them.

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