Man Confronts His Girlfriend About ‘Dashing Out’ at A Party and Got Kicked Off Bed, “It’s a F**king Party… So What?” – Watch Video

After receiving a video of his Caribbean partner behaving wildly at a party, a man confronted his girlfriend about her questionable actions with another man. However, that decision by the man saw him rewarded with a kick knocking him off the bed.


The man’s apparent first mistake was waking up his partner which is never good regardless of the reason. As the woman unwillingly revives, the man proceeded to show her a video of her and a man dancing sexually together.

Upon seeing the video, the woman remained silent and gave the man a serious stare. In response, her partner was relentless and said, “We gonna talk about this.”

That’s when all hell broke loose; the woman then reacted angrily, as she tries to explain her actions by stating, “Talk about what talk about what it’s a fucking party, It’s a party, so what I pay to go in the party and dance.”

However, her partner was not pleased with the explanation and pressed the woman further about the matter. The woman then asked the man if he was stupid because that’s what Caribbean people do, “we just dance,” as she continued her explanation.

Things got a little physical towards the end of the video as the woman proceeded to kick the man off the bed for questioning her actions. The man apparently fell off the bed and burst out into laughter. The video ended at that point.

See the video below:


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