Man Convicted of Killing Friend Who Woke Him Up

Robert Crabtree, 33, from Essex, England, was convicted on Monday for the September 25 stabbing and murder of his friend, which resulted from an argument between the two after the friend had woken him up.

According to police reports, the deceased, 33-year-old Jimmy Moore, had visited Crabtree’s house to pick up his brother for work. Attempting to wake the brother, Moore began throwing stones at the window of the room he believed he was sleeping in. However, Crabtree’s brother was not at home at that time, and Crabtree was sleeping in that room.

After being woken up, Crabtree shouted down at Moore from the window, and the pair began arguing. Crabtree went downstairs and confronted Moore with a knife, then proceeded to stab him several times. After being severely injured, Moore managed to stagger back to his car and started to drive away but collapsed at the wheel. Police reports state that he was found dead at the scene.

The accused’s brother, Ryan Crabtree, 30, helped his elder sibling clean up blood from the driveway and turned off their CCTV camera after the murder, attempting to reduce the evidence available to officers. Both were arrested and charged. During his first police interview, the elder Crabtree alleged that Moore was the aggressor and that he acted in self-defence, but CCTV footage proved otherwise.

Ryan Crabtree was convicted of perverting the course of justice, and his brother Robert Crabtree, who was convicted of murder, faces the possibility of spending life in prison when they are sentenced on September 9.

Jimmy Moore
Photo- Essex Police

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