Man Dealt With by Group of Men for Harassing a Woman – Watch Video

Surveillance footage of a man being attacked for harassing a woman has surfaced, showing how the man constantly assaulted the woman before a group of men came to her rescue. The video shows an unidentified man following a woman along an empty street, quickening his steps and grabbing her.

The woman struggles to break free, and an argument seemingly ensues as she tries to evade him. The man snatches her hand again, but she manages to walk away just as a bus comes into view. However, he continues to follow her, and, grabbing her backpack, the harasser throws her against a building, causing her to stumble.

The bus stops soon after, and a passerby continues along his way while the female stands and swings her hand as if throwing something at her harasser. When she walks off again, four men rush to her aid from the bus and pounce on the harasser, hitting him repeatedly.

The video, posted recently, has since gone viral, garnering 7.4 million views and 131.4K likes on Twitter and receiving mixed reactions.

One Twitter user wrote, “It’s nice to see people come to her rescue instead of standing around watching or video taping it!” Another person commented, “Aggression is never the good way. Nor at the girl nor to the lad.”

See more comments below:

Watch the video of the incident below:

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