Man Disarms Cop and Steals Gun at Police Station

The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) reported that Romario Kevin Abrahams is “armed and believed to be dangerous”.
Officers from the Cross-Roads police reported that about 1 p.m. the Security Guard who became a thief went to the station to report a case of assault occasioning bodily harm and a medical report. He managed to attack and disarm a police officer and quickly escaped.

However, other sources have reported that the thief asked for permission to use the restroom; but he returned and said there was a problem there and an officer went to check. The thief managed to get access to the gun when the officers back was turned to him and he even fired two shots (there were no bullets the gun) at the officer, before he escaped over a wall.

“Him come and complain seh one of them (bathroom) nah work so one of the officers went to look at what the problem was. Apparently, when the police turn him back fi check out what was the problem, him attack him and tek weh him gun,” one person told the Jamaica Star..

Persons are still wondering how an incident like that could happen when there are cameras at the station and armed officers are there. Abraham’s is now on the list of wanted men.

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