Man Escapes Deathrow And Now Turning Lives Over To Christ

Berrisford Robinson is using his life to win souls for Christ, however, before his walk with God, the now 62-year-old man walked with gangs who were not afraid to take lives.

Robinson recently revealed to the Jamaica Star that he had spent nearly 40 years in prison after getting caught up in the wrong company which caused the law to hand him his fate.


Back in his days according to Berrisford, he was always strapped with funds and was very ready to party, and could have sex with any woman he desired.

Robinson said at the age of 17 he was sent to Kingston to get a better education and to live with relatives however that was when the script flipped and he as a young man ended up amongst the wrong people in the volatile community of Waltham Park.

At the age of 21, the now freedman said he and his friends committed a robbery in the community of Newell, St. Elizabeth, and was later involved in a gun battle with the Police after being found. The shootout, according to Berrisford, ended with him being shot and 3 of his friends killed.

Robinson then explained that at this point, he was brought to the hospital under guarded treatment, and was a month later brought to the Lacovia Police Station where he was being held until being transferred to the Black River Police station.

While at Black River, young Robinson was charged for robbery and shooting with intent; however, he and nine other inmates found a way to escape a year later.

While being out of jail and on the run, the formerly incarcerated man said he got access to an illegal firearm that he carried while hiding out in the swamp area.


After a time Robinson said he was seen by men who started to run him down, eventually catching up to him. Even though he said he told the men he was just passing through, according to him, one of them chopped him on the hand with a machete, which led to him shooting and killing the man on the spot.

Berrisford said after the altercation he ran away and tried to escape on a minibus however, the driver upon recognizing his face called the Police who came and conducted a search, only to later find the gun that he hid in the back of the vehicle.

The now elderly man said he was then accosted by the lawmen and brought to the Mandeville Station, from where he was then transferred to Kingston and convicted for the murder.


Initially, Robinson says he received the death penalty but was later given 25 years in prison before parole due to humanitarian concerns.

Now a free man Berrisford is using the experience as a testimony, and has even said that he used his time in prison to help turn youths away from crime and turn to God.



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