Man Fatally Shot by Police in St. Elizabeth While Resisting Arrest – Watch Videos (Graphic Content)

October 24, 2022

On Sunday, October 23 at around 3 PM, a man was shot and killed by police after actively resisting arrest and continuously ignoring the warnings of residents to go quietly. The now deceased, Tuwaine ‘Wasp’ Morrison, was wanted in connection with multiple robberies and shootings in the Alligator Pond and Nain sections of St. Elizabeth.

Morrison was reportedly arrested and charged prior in relation to three robberies in St. Elizabeth and he was also wanted for the murder of Tyrone ‘Cookus’ Morgan that took place on Tuesday, July 12. Assistant Commissioner Glenford Miller, Head of police Area Three (including St. Elizabeth), confirmed the time of the incident.


Although a team member of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) from the Nain police station admitted to not having any particulars on the occurrence, reports from the Junction Police state that at around 3 PM in the evening on Sunday, a call was made about a domestic dispute in the area and police team was dispatched to assist.

Allegedly, the suspect earlier made threats to kill family members and assaulted them with an unsanctioned weapon.

Videos of the ordeal involving the police have been circulating on multiple social media platforms.

According to police reports, the incident left two of the assisting officers with multiple injuries. A statement declared, “both policemen are receiving treatment for multiple injuries sustained during the altercation, including a broken wrist and several bite wounds inflicted by the now deceased.”

In the video, two police officers can be seen struggling with the suspect who is wearing red shorts and underpants but nothing else. At the start of the video, the camera woman stated, “…mi wah see if a kill dem agguh kill him yah so.” This seemed to be a foreshadowing of the events yet to unfold.

A lengthy grappling match ensued between Morrison and the lawmen after attempts were made to arrest him. Assistant Commissioner Miller expounded that the officers had to seize protocol regulation because of the ongoing struggle. “He would have actually been given some warning by the police. The police were trying to handcuff him behind him because that is the standard procedure for police …but because of his resistance, he was actually handcuffed in front of him,” Miller mentioned after receiving reports of the incident.


At some point during the struggle, one of the policemen squeezed the suspect’s neck, which onlookers questioned. The response was that they should tell the suspect to stop resisting, which they complied with. Morrison ignored the warnings and continued to fight, one of the officer’s legs even ended up between his handcuffed hands. According to reports, “he was able to free one of his hands ‘and that was when the police officer was calling out to him and giving him some instructions telling him to stop'”.

A resident was heard pleading with the officers after shouts of “Andre hear nuh Andre!” and “look yah nuh man yuh see from yuh cyah f**kin hear…” went unheeded.

As the police tried to get him into the car, the suspect himself remarked, “pu**y unnuh haffi kill me, suck unnuh mumma.” An officer also stated, “if yuh reach fi mi gun mi a shoot yuh…”


Miller also explained, “In the process of trying to disarm the police officers, the police officers would have fired a few shots …he was shot.”

Reports indicate that the Inspectorate and Professional Standards Oversight Bureau of the JCF as well as The Independent Commission of Investigations are looking into the matter.


Watch the videos of the confrontation below:

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