Man FATALLY STABBED by Friend Over a STOOL in St. Andrew

Friday, May 28, 2021, 8:59 AM

In St. Andrew, Jamaica a man was killed after there was a dispute over a stool at a wake. The event was being held even though it was in violation of COVID-19 regulations last Saturday. The police report stated that about 9:50 p.m., almost four hours after the island-wide curfew had started, the men were at a wake on the Airy Castle Road in Stony Hill, when they had an argument.

An uncle of the deceased, explained that himself and his nephew were both at the wake having drinks all evening before the tragedy happened, and now he has been traumatised by the incident.


It was reported that the suspect left the location and returned later with a sharp object that was wrapped in a handkerchief. He allegedly used the object to stab Campbell twice in his chest before he escaped.

He never saw the fight between his nephew and the murderer, he only heard someone asking others to separate them. He saw when he fell and tried to lift him up, before he found out that he was stabbed. The uncle said Lenny was drunk and unable to fight, he only had money on him, he had no weapon.

A resident who was on the scene, reported that he heard the murderer say he was disrespected and he was planning to fix someone. He had the weapon and he mumbled some words. It was also revealed that the night before, residents had seen both men walking home after they had rounds of drinks, this shows that there was no long-standing animosity.

When residents were asked if the murderer was drunk, they said it would be impossible for him to jump over the place he went over to escape after he stabbed the man.

The deceased was identified as 40-year-old Leonard ‘Lenny’ Campbell of a Hilltop, Airy Castle Road, address. He left a son and a daughter behind.

The case is still being investigated

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