Man Fights for His Life after Going into Deep End of Pool Knowing He’s Not Good Swimmer – Watch Video

Overestimating his swimming capabilities, a man nearly drowned after going into the deep end of a pool while seemingly showing off his swimming skills to his companions.

In the footage, the man starts swimming at the shallower end of the pool while one of his companions videos him.

He appeared to be doing fine at first, but his skills soon faltered when he reached the deeper end of the pool and struggled to stay above the water.

The man was eventually rescued by one of his companions and appeared thoroughly traumatised by the incident.

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Viewers questioned why the man ventured into the pool, knowing his swimming abilities were so limited. One viewer noted that he could have still experienced drowning after exiting the water.

“He could (have) died; then there is dry drowning also. If (you) can’t swim, stay out of the water,” the viewer stated.

Watch the video below.

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