Man Finds Out His Wife Not a Virgin on Their Honeymoon

Wednesday, November 22, 2023, 11:31 AM

What started as a happy love story quickly turned sour when a husband discovered that his wife lied when she said that she was a virgin. The discovery was made on their honeymoon night, leading to the revelation of a dark secret, which was all expressed in a letter.

The letter, written by the man, starts with how he met his wife.


According to the man, his sister introduced him to a Sunday school teacher at her church who was always known to be single. The woman, who was also a member of the choir, had told his sister that she was a virgin. This was good news for the writer since he only wanted to wed a virgin woman.

“I had told my sister that although I was a wild man, I wanted to marry a virgin. I wanted to be the first in the woman’s life,” the 43-year-old said in the letter to Dear Pastor.

The pair met, dated, and exchanged wedding vows one year later. He bought a $20,000 ring, his other sister bought the wedding dress, and they had a small wedding. However, things did not go as planned on their wedding night, which was when the writer realised that “something was wrong.”

“Discovering that she was not a virgin spoiled the honeymoon,” he said. When he asked about the lie she told, his bride confessed that she believed that she was still a virgin because the only sexual encounter she had was when she was raped as a teen.

The woman recounted that when she was a teenage girl, a young man forcefully had sex with her.
The man subsequently told her that he would never have made her his wife if he had known her story before the wedding. They have been married for a year, but the situation seems to burden the man still, as he submitted the letter seeking advice.

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