Gully Bop’s Estranged Wife Says She Might Not Attend His Funeral Because of His Family

Gully Bop’s estranged wife, Deborrah Nicholson-Malcolm, has shared that she might not be attending the Dancehall entertainer’s funeral service due to issues with some of his relatives.

While Nicholson-Malcolm expressed her love for the deceased deejay, whose given name is Robert Lee Malcolm, she explained that she and his family did not see eye to eye.


“I am pretty sure I am not coming to the funeral after the back and forth with some of his family. I have been talking to them, but they are not answering me. I love Robert to death, but I am not going through that,” she said during an interview with the Jamaica Star.

She continued by saying that she had reached out to them on multiple occasions, but they gave her attitude for seemingly asking questions and was labelled “the problem.”

Nicholson-Malcolm, who had a private wedding with Gully Bob in January 2018, recounted the past she had with the deejay. She shared that they had started with marital bliss, but later in the year, things changed for the worse.

Nicholson-Malcolm said that Gully Bop, who was once the apple of her eye, punched her more than once after they had an argument. The argument seemingly stemmed from Gully Bop feeling embarrassed after Nicholson-Malcolm did not buy him and his friends drinks one night.

Nicholson-Malcolm said that Gully Bop told her to come to Jamaica to spend time with him for his upcoming birthday, and when she did, she paid to fix his car and paid off his outstanding tickets. When they were going skating, he brought his entourage, and she had to pay for them. However, because she did not buy drinks for everyone, Gully Bop got upset and left her there.

This turned into an argument the following day, leading to Nicholson-Malcolm being hit and left with a black eye. After reporting the matter to the police, Gully Bop was apprehended on June 8, 2018, and Nicholson-Malcolm left the country. She said she had not seen him again until 2019, but she was in contact with him and assisted him for some time.

Gully Bop passed away in October after suffering from multiple health issues for some time. His funeral date has not been disclosed, but it was revealed that the date has already been chosen. Gully Bop emerged in the entertainment industry as a deejay in 2014.

The Every Gal Want A Wuk Offa Mi artiste lived a playboy lifestyle for some time before he eventually tied the knot with Nicholson-Malcolm.


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