Man Gets Kicked And Pushed Off Stage While Trying To Dance With Stalk Ashley

In a total invasion of space, a man who was apparently a big fan of dancehall artiste Stalk Ashley, rushed up on stage after climbing over the rail that was keeping the crowd at bay and then went behind the female singer.

The individual was caught on camera scaling the rail and rushing to the stage to dance with the entertainer without anyone’s knowledge. Before the swift “assault”, which Stalk Ashely had described in a tweet, she was performing her 2019 single entitled “Young” with the ladies in the audience singing along to the risqué lyrics and dancing.

The footage that was recorded from the audience, caught the individual who was not being noticed by anyone as he blatantly crossed the barrier and went on stage. The very instant the male began dancing behind the artiste, a group of males, who were on stage, presumably security, ran over to confront the individual.

Stalk Ashley was clearly displeased by the man’s actions, and one person from the group, who was arguing with the individual pushed the man off the stage. The video ended after he fell hard to the ground.

The tweets Stalk Ashley made regarding the situation are very short but quite direct, indicating that she was not going to tolerate such behaviour.

“NUH PUSSY TEST !!” She Tweeted on May 15.

After retweeting “protect Stalk Ashley at all costs” which was made by a fan, the singer made a second tweet reminding everyone her name is “Stalk Ashley not Assault Ashley”.

However, a few commenters were not pleased with the actions taken against the man by her security.

Twitter user Duarte-Rhian Nicely wrote, “Honestly I see the video and it sad. People need to know where to put dem time and energy. That man actually look like a fan to me and the man got pitched offstage smh. People should put dem energy into people who value them.”

“Try hiring some professionals next time, I can see you getting sued with your current security team,” #TheTallOne stated.

Another comment shared that the security “could’ve kindly tell him to come down” rather than push him off the stage.

Similarly, when the video was reshared by Grammy Nominated Producer and Voice Actor ZJ Sparks, the majority of the Instagram users objected to the violent action the security team took against the fan who clearly could’ve been hurt.

Nevertheless, Ashley stands firm on the message she sent in her tweets and with her bodyguards as she also jumped into the comments section to warn persons from ever attempting anything similar.

Watch the video of the man getting kicked and pushed off the stage below

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