Skeng Teams Up With Stalk Ashley On “Talibhan”

March 21, 2022

Dancehall artiste Skeng, on Monday, added to his consistency by collaborating with Stalk Ashley to drop a new track entitled “Talibhan”, that features the two entertainers singing a song based on the deejay taking away another man’s girl then using her to help erase him from the face of the earth.

The track was produced by “Di Truth Records”, “Alva Muzik”, “West & East Entertainment” and “Daze Records”. It was also released with an official music video that shows the plot as it was sung about in the song.


To kick off the song, Skeng started with a chorus, using it to describe the female which he met, as a “Taliban” whose “Pum Pum” he expressed to be fat beyond measures. Making his move on the female, the deejay goes on in the chorus to find out if she has a man, whose existence he immediately devises a plan to remove, telling her that if she wants him dead he could do it and dispose of his body at the Riverton City dump.

Stalk Ashley then takes over with the first verse of the song by adding to the storyline that she does have a boyfriend but he is an idiot who she does not mind being sent to the Dovecot cemetery.

Skeng then jumps back in on the song on the second part of the first verse with rhymes highlighting his badness while making the female know he is ready to give it to her anywhere.

For the second verse Stalk Ashley started it out by singing how much she likes “Badman” especially the ones from “Spain Town”, then went on to tell a story of how her boyfriend failed in bed. Skeng went on to close the second verse with lyrics telling how much he is into Ashley, after which he did the last chorus and the female singer closed out the track with some melodic singing.

Watch Skeng and Stalk Ashley “Talibhan” below.

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