Skeng Tells Dancehall His Name Will “Rain Like Hail”

Rising Dancehall artiste Skeng has stepped out with a bold musical statement in a new track, making the world know that he will be making his name “Rain Like Hail”. The song was produced by “John Coop Records” and “Wikidmedia” who collaborated on the instrumental to create something sounding Grimey but sonically inviting.

The young deejay starts off “Rain Like Hail”, by making it clear that he is kicking the energy up in the space a notch due to dancehall calling his name. Based on that calling, Skeng outlines in the first verse of the song that Ratty gang is who is running the place which automatically tells the tale of his reign and terror.

Regardless of the loudness of his music, and his magnetic persona, the Spain Town artiste says he operates confidentially, whilst still being fully endowed in his capacity of being Skeng Don, to sing the gun songs. 

In the chorus of the song, Skeng goes on to deejay in his signature choppy style, making it clear that he was born bad and his thing is no coincidence, letting his enemies know that once he gets a rental he will know the real gangsters but they should know that Ratty Gang is who is in charge and not Prime Minister Andrew Holness. 

For the finishing touches of the song, the deejay uses the second verse to tell Dancehall that he is now in the game and is here to stay with the whole “Spain Town” repping for him along with his friends who have nothing but tall rifles to defend him. 

Closing out the track, the deejay made a declaration at the end of the track stating that no man can tell him anything, even telling his haters to “Suck dem mada” as he is born bad.

Watch “Rain Like Hail” Official music video below.

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