Man Honours His Late Wife’s Wish Of Marrying Her Friend

A man, who has been facing criticism for marrying his late wife’s friend, believes that he honoured the last wish she had while she was lying on her death bed, and he explained why he knows his late wife is resting happily with the decision he has made.

In the letter that he wrote to The Star, he stated that his late wife, who died more than five years ago, told him she wanted him to marry her friend when he is ready to be with someone else.

His late wife’s condition was beyond his control, and he noted that he did everything he could to keep her with him. Along with his efforts, the help of the church, and his three children, one of which is a nurse, they did all they could. As the time drew closer she told him her wishes.

“My wife had a friend and this friend spent hours with her,” he wrote. “My wife told me that when she died if I considered getting married again, this woman was the person I should marry.”

He of course was not interested in speaking about such things and told her to focus on recovering, but she told him that realistically he would need someone in his life again.

While he held what she said dearly, he had no desire to be with anyone or remarry. He, however, told his daughter, who is the nurse, and she only thought “her mother was thinking very far ahead”.

After his wife died a few weeks later, her friend continued to check on him and bring him food, but he still had no intentions to be with anyone.

Things changed sometime after when he fell asleep while watching the TV and saw his late wife appear to him with a message. Explaining what happened he expressed he felt it was a very “clear vision” of his wife telling him it was time to “consider her friend”.

After awaking quite startled by the vision, his phone shortly after rang, and it was his late wife’s friend offering to bring him dinner. Following his agreement, she came looking “nicely dressed”, and after she left that was when he called her hinting that he was interested in her.

“She laughed and called me crazy. I told her to think about what I was saying to her,” he added.

Days later he made another move again by calling her, and she turned him down because she felt like “she was not good enough”, saying he was educated and she was not. This however did not prevent the two from starting a relationship that had the complete blessing of his children who also wanted him to marry her.

As they are now married, people have accused the couple of being horrible people, claiming they were having an affair before the death of his first wife. While he noted that his new wife has said that she knows she cannot take the place of his late wife, he admitted that he always reassures her that she is great and even better when it came to romance.

The man also stated, “Wherever my wife is today, she is happy that I chose this woman. I know my children are happy.”

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