Man Killed by His Friend in Trelawny

Tuesday, May 11, 2021, 10:47 AM

Jamaica News, According to reports a man, 27- year-old Kimani Forbes was invited to have drinks with his friend in the community of Wait-a-Bit, Trelawny. While at a location an argument developed between Kimani who is a hotel worker and his alleged best friend, this turned into a fight after which a weapon was drawn by Kimani’s friend who then pushes him and reportedly then emptied his licensed firearm into Kimani.

According to a cousin, Kimani was smiling moments before getting shot several times. The father of the deceased heard the gunshots and explained that he ran to the scene and saw his son lying on the grown. The incident took place Monday evening.


The police took the shooter who is a manager to the location where the shooting took place and another man into custody where they will be questioned. Learn more from the report below.

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