Man Killed Day Before His Birthday in Westmoreland Reportedly Raped Teen on Her Birthday

Leon Anglin, also known as ‘Rusty’ and ‘Chin,’ was shot and killed at his pre-birthday celebration in the Truro district of Westmoreland on Friday night. While initial reports online only detailed Anglin being fatally shot at his birthday celebration, subsequent details reveal the suspected motive behind the killing.

As per reports, Anglin who was 33 years old was wanted by the police for allegedly raping a teenager on her birthday three years prior. On Friday, May 3, Anglin opted to host a pre-birthday gathering with his friends. As the festivities unfolded, two men on a motorcycle approached the group.


One of the men dismounted and approached Anglin, drawing a firearm from his waistband and opening fire. Both Anglin and another man were struck multiple times before the assailant fled the scene on the motorcycle.

The Jamaica Star states that responding officers transported the injured men to the hospital, where Anglin was pronounced dead. The other victim is expected to survive.

In the incident from October 2021, Anglin allegedly accosted a female student on her way home from a surprise birthday party. Despite her refusal, Anglin purportedly coerced her behind a building and sexually assaulted her.

Although the matter was reported to the police, Anglin evaded capture. Subsequently, due to the trauma she experienced, the teenager was relocated overseas by her family to continue her education.

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